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Being grateful in 2020

This year is one that no one will forget in a hurry. And I’m sure most folks are happy to […]

Gold Coast Beach Sunset through Pandanus Tree

This year is one that no one will forget in a hurry.

And I’m sure most folks are happy to say goodbye to it.

While I’m as happy as you are to see the end of this year, I’ve been trying to think how I can put a positive spin on 2020.

As such, I decided to make a list of all the things that I am grateful for this year.

I’m sharing it with you in the hope that this may inspire some ideas so you too can find some positive in the year that was.

But of course, if it’s absolutely not possible to find any positives in this year, that is also ok and completely understandable.

Here’s goes …

  1. A solid network of non-diet health professionals. With a plethora of virtual networking, online supervision and in-person meet-ups (when restrictions ended), this continued support throughout the year has truly helped me stay sane and navigate through this tricky period.
  2. The ability to work from home. I acknowledge that my privilege of being educated and working in private practice has meant I have been able to maintain employment as well as being able to do my job from home. This has not been an option for many.
  3. The ability to return to the clinic quickly. I feel so grateful that Queensland didn’t have lockdown restrictions in place for long which meant I was also able to return to the office fairly quickly and start seeing my wonderful clients again.
  4. The ability to put food on the table every single night. Another of my privileges is that we have food security. While food insecurity is a common problem in Australia, COVID-19 has obviously placed an even greater strain on this.
  5. Reliable internet connection and access. Again because of my privilege, being able to access the internet meant a smooth transition of taking my business online to provide online consultations when face-to-face consultations were no longer an option.
  6. A supportive home life. As we started spending more time at home, I am so incredibly grateful with a rock-solid family unit, we were able to transition to the change with minimal disruption. I know this has not been the case for many households and my heart aches for all those families who have been experiencing difficulty during the lockdowns.
  7. No close acquaintances catching COVID-19. I thank my lucky stars every day for this.
  8. Living in Australia … in Queensland. While it’s been hard not seeing family in NSW, I am so thankful that our life on the Gold Coast largely returned to normal quite a few months ago.
  9. Being able to support and shop locally. With minimal restrictions, I’ve still been able to shop for gifts, coffee, and fruit and veg from local stores. It has been such a luxury to continue to enjoy barista-made coffees!
  10. My business surviving. I’ll be honest this has been something that’s terrified me all year long. I feel so blessed that I have emerged from this year with a business that is continuing to grow and am so thankful to all my clients who have chosen me to help them in their nutrition, food, and body healing journey.

So yes, I bet we’re all ready to give 2020 the middle finger, but I hope there is something positive (even something small and tiny) that you can find to come out of this year.

I wish you all well for what’s left of this year and look forward to seeing what’s in store for us all in 2021.

Can you identify something you’re grateful for this year?




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