Intuitive Eating Counselling

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Ditch the diet for good

Learn how to enjoy your food and appreciate your body using a self-care eating framework.

What it means

When Melissa realised how destructive and damaging weight-loss culture is she became passionate about helping others to gain freedom from dieting.

She is very excited to be able to provide Intuitive Eating Counselling to help you find a more relaxed approach to eating and moving, whilst learning to appreciate the body you are in.

Intrinsic Eating

Learn about your own personal hunger/fullness cues and how to best honour them.

Extrinsic Eating

Learn about how your emotions and environment impact your eating choices and behaviours.


Throw out the rule book and learn how to listen to what feels best for you and your body.


Learn how to appreciate and take care of the body you have right now.

Experience the freedom that comes with adopting a more gentle approach to food.

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